Core Competencies

Single-Minded Focus

The skill set that makes our testing exceptional.

Digital Commerce Testing

The Charles Hudson Leadership team has over 100 years of collective experience in digital commerce. We started our careers managing digital businesses and their associated technology; deploying and operating high volume digital commerce systems for leading brands around the globe; and consulting and advising on digital commerce best practices. This strategic point of view enables us to deliver QA services with a holistic point of view. We understand your business challenges. We understand your technical challenges. We understand what it takes to be successful in B2C and B2B digital commerce and you can have no better partner on your digital journey.

Mobile Application Testing

We live in a Mobile first world and successful brands, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers have recognized the criticality of the mobile device as a means of research, consideration, purchase and support. Mobile is not another challel for engagement, for most it is the channel for engagement. To some Mobile is a native iOS or Android application that must be validated across a set of devices. For others Mobile is a Progressive Web App that utilizes the best of native applications with the benefots of responsive design. And still for others Mobile is ensuring an intuituve, universally effective Responsive Designed website. Our approach aligns with your strategies and to make sure this absolutely critical method of engagement is flawless!

End-To-End Testing

Digital commerce is so much more than just a website or a mobile application. It is comprised of PIM and CMS systems feeding critical content and data to the site, ERP systems providing pricing, inventory availability, and other integral data elements, OMS and WMS systems ensuring every order ends up in the hands of your customer, CRM sytems that allow you to capture, process, and refine critical knowledge about your customers. These are just the tip of the iceberg. To effectively test and ensure the integrity of your digital commerce experience you must validate the end-to-end business flows, not just the componet subsystems. When we engage with clients we examine the full digital commerce ecosystem and work as needed to validate each and every component.


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