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Our Mission and History

Our philosophy and approach is enabled by a world-class execution team.

Why We Exist

Charles Hudson Technology Solutions was founded in 2015, based on the observation that as companies' strive to strengthen their digital engagement with customers, the technology systems behind those experiences are becoming more complex, fragile and prone to failure. Strong QA is a critical enabler to the delivery of these experiences. We've grown consistently since our founding; today we have over 100 employees in North America and India, serving clients around the world. Combining deep eCommerce experience, proven methodologies, and our own cloud-enabled testing automation tools, we deliver more comprehensive QA services in less time than any other service provider. Over the years we've learned some key lessons:

  1. Single-Minded Focus

    The IT landscape suffers from too many generic players who try to apply a one-size-fits-all solution. In contrast, Charles Hudson focuses solely on digital commerce, with deep knowledge of the business and its processes. We want to be known for doing one thing very, very well rather than a hundred things in a mediocre fashion. This approach has allowed us to invest all of our time, energy, and resources with extreme focus. We have built an optimized set of tools, processes, and IP to cater to this segment to help deliver better outcomes.

  2. Deliver Outcomes

    Talking the talk is easy. What matters, in the long run, is delivering outcomes for businesses. This requires an unwavering focus on end goals, constantly connecting the dots across the value chain through consistent effort, and the right investments in people, process, and technology. At Charles Hudson, we're committed to constantly measuring ourselves not on the activities but the outcomes we help deliver.

  3. Inject Clarity

    We've encountered many projects bogged down in massive QA efforts that don't actually deliver. There is too much noise in the process and decision-makers are left with a debilitating lack of clarity that erodes confidence. It is our objective to deliver QA that increases confidence in your releases., Good process, the right data, meta-data, and insightful analysis can deliver clarity and speed up decisionmaking.

  4. Use the Right Mix

    Test automation plays a powerful role in QA, and its speed makes it an essential component of any modern test strategy. Likewise, AI promises further testing sophistication. Yet targeted, expert manual validation still has a key role to play. The right mix of resources and tools, intelligently applied to your specific needs and business goals, is what delivers results.

  5. Independence Matters

    Today's technology landscape is created by a complex interaction of multiple software systems and services delivered by a varied mix of in-house and external development teams. Development teams should be responsible for their code, but the overall experience is owned by no single team and must be validated as a whole. This can be accomplished best by an independent, unbiased team. That independent team can provide tremendous value by detecting issues early, cutting through the noise, and providing valuable insights to allow rapid course correction.

Our Team

Our leadership team has a deep history in the digital domain, a passion for quality and an obsession with excellent customer service. Our experience in every aspect of the digital life cycle provides the context and perspective that we bring to every client engagement.


We are always looking for passionate, accomplished QA professionals to join our team. Interested? Tell us about yourself.


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