Test Automation

Turbocharge Your Quality

In the race to deliver faster, highly scalable QA, Test Automation makes the difference.


  1. Real-time Results

    Guaranteed results within 30 minutes.

  2. Enterprise Scale

    Simultaneous support for multiple applications, teams, users, browsers and devices.

  3. Future Proof Flexibility

    Execute from on-premise, Public cloud, Private cloud, or any combination.

  4. Deep Insights

    Integrated analytics, custom dashboards and reports that allow quick analysis and decision making.

Our Point of View

We believe that reducing the IT cycle time is paramount in today’s business environment. Without automation, it’s impossible to deliver a quality experience at the speed the business demands. In many organizations test automation fails to deliver on it’s a promise. To be effective, automation must deliver the following:

High Speed

To keep pace with modern delivery processes. It is essential that even the largest of test suites can execute in minutes.

High Coverage

Covering a high percentage of the application functionality frees up your resources to focus on higher value activities. Automation complements human expertise by taking over repetitive tasks like cross browser validation.

Ease of Maintenance

The very best automation solution will not serve its purpose if the underlying architecture makes it difficult to maintain over time. Charles Hudson has built heavily in building the best test automation solution available. Our customers get to take advantage of our continued investments in improving the core technology set.

Actionable Insights

More testing results in more data being generated. This can create unnecessary noise and opacity. It is critical for automation to deliver results in a meaningful, actionable form. Our solution provides advanced visualizations out of the box. Results can be viewed as custom reports or dashboards to provide actionable information instantly. Drill-down capabilities allow you to pin-point the root cause.

The Big Picture

Each of these require careful planning and design to deliver in the real world. We continue to invest in improving these solutions and you get to benefit from our world class solutions.

Key Solution attributes:

  • Cloud Native
  • Multi-Cloud support
  • Open-source technology stack
  • CI/CD integration
  • API endpoint accessible
  • Single tenant architecture
  • Data persistence and Analytics
  • Enterprise SSO integration, Role based access
  • Automated test infrastructure management


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