Functional Testing

The Cornerstone of all QA

High-coverage, highly structured, repeatable system validation by domain experts.


  1. Repeatability

    Well-written structured test cases ensure the testing is conducted in the same way each iteration.

  2. Rigor

    A focus on preconditions, clear results expectations, and strong test data provides confidence in the outcomes.

  3. Coverage

    Our knowledge of digital commerce allows us to advise you on areas in the application where improved test coverage would be beneficial. Tracking test cases to the user stories or functional requirements provides confidence that all paths are tested.

  4. Domain Expertise

    Leverage our knowledge of B2C and B2B systems to get the most from your testing engagements.

Our Point of View

Manual testing is the cornerstone of all QA programs. We provide both scripted and exploratory functional testing.


Well-written test cases do not simply look at the "happy path," but push the edge of your product. This is critical to risk management in your deliveries. Whether part of system regression testing or a UAT sign-off of a deliverable from a system integration partner, manual functional testing builds confidence. Our deep history with QA allows us to provide a highly structured methodology: Test Coverage Analysis - We examine all site functionality to determine the specific test cases that must be written. Test Case Authoring - Clear preconditions, concise precise test steps, robust test data, expected results, and postconditions are the critical elements of a test case. Test Case Execution - Rapid but careful test execution ensures that defects are identified in a timely fashion. Repeatability ensures that you get consistent results across multiple test runs. Defect Reporting - A test is only as good as the defect report. We ensure that defects are clearly documented and easily reproducible by development teams. Defect Severity and Prioritization - Working with your defined severity levels, we classify and prioritize each defect so you can focus your remediation efforts.


Exploratory testing is streamlined for situations where the time for test case authoring doesn't exist or where the testing is unlikely to be repeated, making structured test cases a poor investment. Often conducted on production systems as a means of ensuring the functionality in real-world settings where new content, promotions, or business rules can interfere with system performance, exploratory testing provides peace of mind.


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