API Testing

Supporting the Newest Architectural Models

Go Headless without losing your head


  1. Early API Testing

    Chaining creates synthetic application, which allows end-to-end testing prior to the availability of a UI.

  2. Results

    Instant results provide advanced analytics to quickly identify problems.

  3. Customizable Dashboard

    User control and visibility to test execution

Our Point of View

Testing headless or API-first architectures means detailed verification of each and every API to understand the response time as well as the data sets in the returned payload. We support the chaining of API calls, using data from one response as parameters in subsequent calls. This chaining creates synthetic applications, allowing end-to-end testing even prior to the availability of a UI. Our dashboard requires no coding, and provides instant results, offers advanced analytics to identify problems. The toolkit is customizable to test execution. CI/CD ready, plus RestAssured.


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