What Is Rio?

The QA Automation Supercharger

RIO is a SaaS tool that quickly adds tremendous new capabilities to your existing test automation. Designed using a modular cloud-native architecture, RIO supercharges your existing automation to deliver immense business value. From completing tests 10x faster to orchestrating test execution across a variety of environments and teams to providing robust, integrated test analytics, RIO can quickly take your automation to the next level.

How RIO can help


  • More Speed: Conduct full regression test in < 1 hour
  • More Coverage: Test all test cases, every sprint
  • More Browsers: Test every browser combination on every release
  • More Viewports: Test on the browser sizes your customer does
  • More Devices: Test natively on iOS and Android
  • More Iterations: Fully test on each release candidate and when defect are corrected
  • More Repeatability: Test exactly the same steps each time
  • More Releases: Meet the demands of business stakeholders
  • More Expectations: Satisfy your customers

RIO Modularity

The Art of the Possible

  1. Development

    With repo-level integrations, your SDETs need to only focus on developing great scripts. RIO takes over from there and ensures the right test code is picked and applied for the right tests. Once triggered, the tests are fire and forget. The team does not need to monitor them or use their systems to drive them. They are free to focus on other tasks while RIO monitors everything for them. Or talk to us about building out your test automation for you.

  2. Execution

    RIO's goal is to allow the most flexibility and the fastest speed of your test automation. Run your tests where they make sense. Use our cloud for the ultimate speed. Or use third-party device clouds for the broadest device coverage. Or your private cloud. Even local executions from your laptop. Or maybe, a combination of them all. RIO can supports all of it and delivers incredible throughput and flexibility. RIO orchestrates it all, removes bottlenecks and gives a single, comprehensive view.

  3. Analysis

    RIO really shines at collecting all the results data and metadata from test executions and analyzing it in real-time to provide deep insights for various stakeholders. From providing a birdseye view to executives to providing deep analytics to QA and dev teams, RIO really allows actionable insights to come to the fore. With easy drill-down analytics available at your fingertips, RIO allows everyone to see the same picture and quickly get on the same page.

Benefits in detail

Put Simply: Confidence, Time and Money

Expert Test Automation Development

Leveraging our strong digital commerce domain experience and our deep understanding of Java/Selenium we have the skills and perspective to build comprehensive test script libraries. We focus on data driven tests with assertions that point you to the root of the problem. We tag scripts into test suites that allow you precise, granular control of the elements of the application to be tested.

High Speed Execution

Today, companies cannot wait overnight or even multiple hours for test results. We have engineered an intelligent auto-scaling Azure cloud environment allowing simultaneous multi-browser tests to generate results under an hour regardless of the test suite size.

User Control

Any user can initiate tests through our intuitive powerful GUI, through an IDE such as Eclipse, through a build management tool such as Jenkins, or use our API to trigger tests programmatically.

Actionable User Insights

Test automation is only as good as the reporting it provides. We persist data across test executions to create trending results with rich dashboards, intuitive visualizations, and robust drill down analytics. Should you need custom reporting we can build tailored reports and visualizations as well.

Open-Source Framework

Our Open Source Java/Selenium framework ensures you are not dependent on proprietary software licenses. Our model always allows you to own your data and all test automation scripting.

See the art of the possible

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