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Join us as we continue to develop the world’s best QA organization. We are committed to delivering exceptional value to our clients and employees. Are you looking for a place to excel, where you see firsthand the impact your work has on our clients' businesses? Do you want to work on cutting-edge solutions? If so, come work with us.

Why Join Us?

We're on a Mission

We are on a mission to transform QA. It's all we want to do and we're 100% focused. This narrow focus and deep commitment delivers extraordinary opportunities and outcomes at Charles Hudson Technology Solutions. It's hard to imagine a better place for quality professionals to thrive and grow. Here QA is front and center. The star of the show. Our clients are some of the largest and most innovative digital commerce and retail brands in the world. They love us. We are trusted advisors and our team members are an integral part of their success. Our engineering is the most cutting-edge, and we work on the most forward-thinking solutions anywhere in QA. You will be constantly inspired and challenged and your growth curve will be steep. We are on a rapid growth trajectory and we are always looking for top talent.

Charles Hudson Facts

Gender Balanced: Over 45% of the company are women
QA Expertise: Over 95% of our team have prior QA expertise, 2 out of 3 have advanced QA certifications in addition to engineering degrees.
Employee Centric: One of the highest rated firms at Glassdoor with consistently high scores in employee surveys.
Domain Expertise: Over 80% of our team have a significant digital and retail background, in addition to strong QA skills
Enterprise Clients: We work with the top names in the industry. Our clients have a combined annual revenue in excess of $70B
Global Reach: We are based in Cambridge, MA and Bengaluru, India

We're proud of our ranking


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What to expect

Our Culture

  • Continuous Learning: Our energy is focused on constant learning and improvement. We’re creating future leaders in our crucible.
  • Exposure: Our experts are engaged directly with our clients, working together as part of integrated teams. Every single day is a new opportunity to shine and leave your mark.
  • Empowerment: Our team members take responsibility, show ownership, and good judgment. They are trusted and given the space to make decisions.
  • Teamwork: We take pride in helping our colleagues. Teamwork and mutual respect are paramount.

Meet some of the Team

Life at Charles Hudson

I work on solving interesting QA problems each day. It gives me immense pride to be a part of Charles Hudson. I was one of the first team-members, so my career has grown along with the company. The remarkable knowledge of my bright colleagues and the free sharing culture at Charles Hudson has benefitted me a lot. Thank you, Charles Hudson family.

QA Engineer

Charles Hudson has a friendly work environment which helps us provide quality results to our clients. The expectations are extremely high and the company supports all employees in giving their best and growing in their careers. I’ve formed close professional relationships here and absolutely look forward to working here for a long tenure.

Testing Lead

Charles Hudson’s clients are some of the largest online firms in the world. We have strong, long standing connections with our clients’ businesses and our clients depend on us as their trusted advisors and their last line of defense. I work on making those relationships even better. It is inspiring to be part of a truly committed team.

Solutions Consultant

I had the best training in a short amount of time during my internship at Charles Hudson. The extraordinary communication of ideas between team members is mindblowing. It is clear immediately that this is a forward-thinking company with real hunger to succeed.

QA Intern

At Charles Hudson, the relationship we cultivate with our clients is a testament to our unique value system. Right from the beginning, we were entrusted with client interactions, allowing us to establish a professional bond that has endured over time.

Srikanth Arigela
Lead QA Analyst

When I started here, I had limited knowledge of automation testing. Thanks to the learning and development initiatives at Charles Hudson, I have matured to become a full-stack test engineer. Today, not only do I lead a team and handle all aspects of test automation, but I am also the trusted advisor to our clients, helping them drive excellence in their overall quality journey.

Vamsi Krishna
Lead Quality Engineer

My journey is testament enough to how I went from being an intern to now leading the pack! At Charles Hudson, they don't just let you grow, they catapult you into greatness! The support from the team and leadership has been fantastic.

Datta Shyam
Senior QA Engineer


What We Look For

Recent Graduates

  • Aptitude: Ability to solve complex problems
  • Accomplishment: Academic achievements or an interesting life story that shows passion
  • Commitment to Excellence: Dedication and distinction, academically or otherwise
  • Learning: We can provide you with the skills, but you must have the desire to master them.
  • Curiosity: A sense of wonder and intrigue about the world

Seasoned Professionals

  • Maturity: Can you take stock of complex situations and use your judgement to reach end goals?
  • Attitude: Teamwork, transparency, hard work and professional respect are cornerstones of what we look for.
  • Proven chops: Demonstrated ability to deliver value and significant experience in digital commerce and QA is always welcome.
  • Contribution to the Community: Whether it’s the open source community, the IEEE or other industry groups, we look for individuals who have a history of sharing with the engineering community.

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